Adding Unique Looking Shabby Chic and Vintage Vanities to Beautify a Bathroom

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Vanity is definitely a huge part of any bathroom. Today there is one particular style of vanity that is considerably popular to choose, vintage vanity. Well, that kind of thing can be added to any bathroom to add a bit of unique flair into the overall décor appeal of the space. More and more people love to go vintage in their dwelling which will include their bathroom space as well. That only makes the addition of a vintage vanity to any bathroom could never go wrong in many ways. Well, when it comes to the so-called vintage style there is the choice of shabby chic style as well since that is pretty close to the vintage style.

Basically the so-called shabby chic is a perfect mix of vintage and rustic. Yet the finish is considerably more relaxed and distressed. It can be considered not to be as grand as vintage style. Yet it looks god and it is easy to fit in any décor style as the background in any space. It will instantly add cozy atmosphere as well as chic accent into the space including even a bathroom space. This one style of vanity can be found in flea markets or vintage stores in many possible choices. The finish can be left as it is in the so-called authentic classic look or refreshed a bit by painting it all the way that it will fit the décor.

A proper way of getting the best out of vintage vanity for any bathroom is to go for the refined appeal. It may well be said to be the elegant appeal of that style. Commonly a refined bathroom vanity will be done in white, black, or grey. Gold or other metal detailing will be there as well to add the value of this kind of item in this style. It can even be better when the actual design of the vanity is French vanity. Clearly that will be perfect for an elegant bathroom décor.

One last possibility is to go for the rustic looking vintage vanity. It is considered to be the less refined version of bathroom vanity. The color finish can be in dark stained wood finish or natural warm tone of wood. It may well be better when combined with different material as the countertop to accentuate the décor where this is placed. One thing for sure is that by adding a vintage vanity, the look of any bathroom will be altered by it in no time.

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