An Old Tuscany House Beautifully Transformed into an Art Deco Dwelling

Large Outdoor Pool Minimalist Loungers Grey Cushions Outdoor Concrete Decking Large Umbrellas Manicured Lawn Trees Greenery

It has been quite popular that people buy old properties and turned them into somewhat modern ones. There have been many examples of old buildings turned into completely different ones even with different functions. There is an old factory turned into an office and a home as an example. Well, this one is actually another example of that matter. It is an old Tuscany farmhouse from the period of 1400s transformed into a fully functional family home. Along the renovation some of the original features were kept to maintain the original character of the building. In short the house now offers a perfect harmony of modern designs, cool elements and original details.

The interior is done in an open layout since it is the request of its owner to have an open home. There are no rigid borders and rules within the interior space so that the flow of the décor can be seen throughout invisible zoning system. Even the separation between the outdoor and indoor areas is rather blurry since no solid divider there. Right there in the outdoor area are some spots to be the center of friends and family gathering. Outdoor kitchen alongside a garden and a pool can be found there for enjoyable outdoor activities.

Meanwhile the indoor area sees the alteration and change of old and abandoned building into a more functional and modern dwelling. Historical roots can be seen there to boost the so-called art deco style of decoration. Stone clad and wooden beams are midst the original features inside the house to enjoy and adore amidst newly added modern elements and features. Metallic accents and details are loved by its owner so that there are gold, brass and silver details and accents all over the interior space. Some flea market items are also added into the décor for an even more unique looking interior. Within the living room there are oversized windows to let a lot of light entering the house. A large leather sofa is there as well in purpose of accommodating many people at once.

Moving into the bedroom there is a beautiful and shiny bed in brass gold finish. That is definitely the centerpiece of the décor within the bedroom. Meanwhile chic black lamps accompanied by different nightstands finished in gold and black are there. A shiny black chair is there to complete the decorative appeal of such art deco bedroom.

Sparkling And Sculptural Black Chair High Heels Grey Curtain Black Framed Glass Window Concrete Flooring

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Large Outdoor Pool Minimalist Loungers Grey Cushions Outdoor Concrete Decking Large Umbrellas Manicured Lawn Trees Greenery

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