Beautiful and Practical Bathtubs with Armrests from Victoria+Albert

White Bathtub Dark Grey Tile Wall And Flooring Clad White Towels Grey Chair Black Legs White Door Metal Handle

Today the so-called hot trend in furniture items is the one with a perfect harmony of beautiful appeal and decent function. Many homeowners today wanted to have an item that can be delivering its practical functions perfectly while at the same time boosting the appeal of the décor. Well, there have been many decent items designed and produced by famous brands out there to choose. In term of bathroom related items, there is a decent thing from Victoria+Alberrt that has just been hitting the crowd. A pair of built-in bathtubs with the addition of armrests was presented by Victoria+Albert for anyone in need of that kind of item.

Clearly the idea behind the addition of armrests to a built-in bathtub is meant for comfort. A free standing bathtub is considerably a popular choice of people in which the armrests will make sure that comfort will not be an issue anymore upon the use of such thing. On the other hand the pair of bathtubs offered by Victoria+Albert with armrests comes in a really beautiful glossy finish to add coolness to any bathroom where the bathtubs will be placed. Furthermore the tubs come with crack and warp resistant characteristic as well that has been the signature of the brand using a special material. Meanwhile the feet of the bathtubs can be adjusted freely to ensure that leveling will be able to be done easily. It means that the placement of the tub will not be an issue at all.

The high quality standard of the bathtubs from Victoria+Albert can be seen all over this pair. The tubs are named Rossendale 6636 and Gordano 6032 to follow so many products of freestanding bathtubs that the company has been made and released. The signature material of the company known as englishcast is used to create each one of the tubs within the pair. Its natural strength is enough to provide high level of durability while the beauty of its finish is done with the use of glossy white shine finish.

A unique feature offered by the company on this pair is the addition of an integrated armrests system along with a 32-degree recline. Surely comfort is the key element of this pair of bathtubs with that particular addition, right? The tubs have different size of course since it is named differently. The Gordano 6032 has its 60” x 32” of size while the Rossendale 6636 has its 66” x 36” of size.

White Edgy Bathtub Stone Like Tile Bathtub Cladding Glazed Wall Greenery Nickel Faucet

White Bathtub Dark Grey Tile Wall And Flooring Clad White Towels Grey Chair Black Legs White Door Metal Handle

Compact Built In Bathtub By Victoria Albert Grey Chair Black Legs White Striped Bathtub Curtain Greenery White Large Tile Cladding

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