Cool Touch of Big Mirrors in Bathroom Décor

A mirror or even more than one in a bathroom is a common thing. The functional aspect of that thing is one main reason of mirror in a bathroom. Yet it is totally true that mirror is not just offering its function in any bathroom décor. It could even ...

3 weeks ago Axel Monteil


Beautiful and Practical Bathtubs with Armrests from Victoria+Albert

Today the so-called hot trend in furniture items is the one with a perfect harmony of beautiful appeal and decent function. Many homeowners today wanted to have an item that can be delivering its practical functions perfectly while at the same time boosting the appeal of the décor. Well, ...

3 weeks ago Dominique Asselineau


Décor Ideas and Appliance Options for Masculine Bathroom Look

Gender-based décor is definitely a thing that can be applied to any space for sure. The options will just be either a feminine décor or a masculine décor. Those male dwellers will surely prefer to have masculine décor in their spaces. The idea of creating a masculine décor can ...

3 weeks ago Gaby Auguste


Modern Natural Bathroom Design

The bathroom design plays an important role in creating the balance of the entire home interior comfort. The modern concept is likely one of the most chosen bathroom concept tdue to its sleekness and simplicity. Designing a comfortable bathroom might depend on the each homeowner’s taste, but if you ...

1 month ago Alain Coulomb


Black & White Minimalist Bathroom Design

What do you make of black & white interior design? flat? simple? or elegant? well, it depends on how you design and decorate it. If it turns out that you successfully apply this two-color interior design, you will find your interior design extremely modern and elegant. The bathroom might ...

1 month ago Axel Monteil