Compact Apartment in Scandinavian Style That Has All It Needs

White Curtains Black Chair Light Coored Wooden Floor White Sideboard Light Grey Wooden Door Rounded Metallic Shade Pendant

An apartment is definitely a small dwelling which can always be beautified to meet the satisfaction in both appearance and function at the same time. Even an apartment that is just 31 square meters in size will look great when done properly. Within that small space everything that an apartment needs as a dwelling can surprisingly be accommodated nicely. It is even done without compromising the appearance matter of the décor inside the apartment. Smart storage planning is amidst the important things that ensure the beauty and practicality of this Swedish styled apartment regardless of its compact size.

Neutral mix of tones is one way to start creating Scandinavian appeal for a small space like this apartment. Greys and whites along with some black and a bit of gold can be seen there delivering a perfect harmony of the décor. Unique items such as Tom Dixon’s lamps are there adding eye-catchiness of the décor. Well, the apartment is really having a small floor area yet the separation is done properly. The apartment has bedroom, entryway, living room and kitchen as the common needed spaces in any dwelling. It even feels no less cozier compared to bigger apartments.

In dealing with storage needs, there is a hidden closet covered in curtain. The use of curtain is a smart way since it needs less space than a door. There is a nice looking sideboard named Malmo by IKEA to help creating a clever solution for small space in this apartment. Aside of the neutral color scheme, there is a dash of metallic accent all over the apartment which only making it look way better than that sleek neutral tones combination. The decoration has been done cleverly that the basic Scandinavian style décor looks awesome without using and adding too many details afterwards.

The kitchen is both beautiful and practical for sure. It is mostly white with some metallic accents in some corners. The appliances, trays, pots and some other things are chosen specifically that come with metallic finishes so that the space is cozier and more chic as well. There is a window there that ensures abundant natural light entering the kitchen. Lots of light are needed to create a livelier space especially when the size is a small or compact one. Overall this 31 square meters apartment has everything it needs packed and finished in the most stylish way possible featuring Scandinavian basic style.

Hanging Bulbs Wooden Flooring White Front Kitchen Corner Cabinet Stainless Steel Gas Cooker Black Knobs Compact Range Hood White Framed Glass Panel Potted Herbs Pink Rose

Industrial Style Hanging Bulbs Black And White Framed Photograph Black Shade Desk Lamp Grey Bedspread Patterned Pillows Orange Flower White Curtain White Indoor Radiator White Window Sill Surface

Black Framed Colorful Artwork Grey Sofa White Indoor Radiator White Marble Top Metal Legs Table Books Black And White Rug White Curtains Matte Black Shade Pendants

Light Colored Wooden Floor Black Dining Chairs White Round Top Table Flowers Rounded Clear Glass Vase Matte Black Shade Pendant Balck Framed Photograph Black Framed Wall Mirror White Curtain

White Curtains Black Chair Light Coored Wooden Floor White Sideboard Light Grey Wooden Door Rounded Metallic Shade Pendant

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