Limited Edition Collection from IKEA Inspired by Indonesian and South East Asian Design

Rattan Items And Furniture Of The Jassa Colelction Of IKEA Bold Print Fabrics

It is true that IKEA has all sorts of thing for any interior décor. One of its latest collections is a considerably unique one as a mix of textile and furniture in one set of collection. The items within this particular collection will be perfect for those who love that style of bohemian and chic. This limited edition collection is named Jassa that features rattan and textile inspired by design ideas from Indonesia and South East Asia. Obviously the use of rattan is one level of uniqueness while the intriguing pattern of the textiles is another level of uniqueness to add to any interior décor.

Amidst the beauty and uniqueness of this collection surely there is something else to pay attention to. The materials of this collection are all natural and raw. Basically the use of natural woven fiber along with batik textiles is the key to really deliver the key factor of this collection unlike anything else. It may well be a familiar stuff though regarding those materials, yet IKEA has managed to create a set of beautiful things in this collection named Jassa that include furniture and textile.

Within the designing and manufacturing process of the items within the Jassa collection from IEKA there are five creative minds pulled together on a mission. They share their ideas just around the common theme of incorporating batik textiles and natural woven fiber to deliver a whole new level of beauty of furniture and textiles. Each one of those minds has been delivering their own signature in the items within the collection. At the end the entire items come together to really generate a wonderful sense of free-spirited fun. The items are all handmade in the finished form of a perfectly eclectic mix of the materials.

One decent thing about this collection from IKEA is that people can actually combine them with more neutral things to get less bohemian. Simpler tones of black and white for example can all be incorporated along with the furniture items in this collection just to get the uniqueness of this collection without going too much. Another way is just to use the Jassa textiles as pillow cases to be placed on some sofas. That will all do to boost any style of interior décor. The Jassa collection from IKEA makes it easier to bring the vibes of the east to any interior décor with the best possible quality.

Rattan Items And Furniture Of The Jassa Colelction Of IKEA Bold Print Fabrics

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