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Beside kitchen, living room might be another busiest room in a house. There’s a lot of traffic activities held in this room, especially, if you have little kids, the living room will be the main “indoor playground” for them. Plus, if it turns out that your house is like the main gathering place for your big family. Thererfore, the material, the strength, and the design of the carpet are the vital points to be taken into accounts to ensure the comfort to be able to supot atmosphere creation in your living room.

To choose the model of the measurement of the living room carpet depends on the size of the living room itself. In addition to the carpet size, another thing to consider it the shape. Generally, there are two shapes of carpet; square and round carpet. Therefore, you also have to adjust the shape of the carpet with the shape of your living room.

Either it’s a nylon-, velvet-, or suede-composed carpet, each of them offers their distinct comfort and beauty to your living room. However, if you manage to choose nylon carpet, it would be better to place it in a rug-specialized area, where all the kids can play around. But, for the suede or velvet carpet, it’s recommended to put in under the living room’s coffee table or in the front of the television, where the simple activity, like watching television or just socializing with all the family members, happens.

The living room’s carpet is the carpet that has highest risk to be dirty. To resolve it, at least, to visually manipulate it, you can explore the coloring or motif. This way, you can, at least, disguise the dirt for a little while. Dark motif might be the best motif you can opt for to apply this method. However, you still have to clean up the carpet regularly to keep the hygiene in your living room.

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