Marble Wall Shelf by Michael Young Named Stone Shelf

Grey Marble Black Taper Of The Marble Shelf By Michael Young

Luxurious material can actually be there in a simple and sleek modern piece of item. This shelving unit called Stone Shelf is one example of that mix of modern design with luxurious material. This particularly unique shelving unit was designed by Michael Young. It combines traditional craft along with sleek modern design that delivers one of a kind piece of item. It looks good while also highly functional and easy to use at the same time. Obviously this so-called Stone Shelf will be a decent addition to any modern living home.

Michael Young came up with the idea of a simple shelving unit that will have a really simple way to use it as simple as it look. That can be seen in the clip-on mechanism in using the shelf itself in any space. The precisely cut marble is basically fit into three pieces of small wedge fastened to the wall that lock the stone just by using gravity. No screws and fasteners needed to get the surface marble attached to the wall so that it can be functioned as a storage unit. That really is the perfect translation of simplicity within a modern design of item.

Meanwhile marble is chosen as the material of this item due to its luxurious appeal. Marble is definitely a material that will bring a refined appeal to any space easily unlike any other materials. The use of marble is combined with traditional crafting techniques in form of the clip-on system. Unlike any modern shelving units to be attached on the wall hat will need fasteners or anything, this is way more than that in term of its simplicity.

The surface of this shelving unit is a cool looking grey stone slab put on a 7.5” taper as the extension in an outward direction away from the wall. Basically this particular way of attaching the shelf into the wall is derived from that woodworking practice of dovetail joints. That way a really great deal of strength can be produced along with resistance strength even without the use of any joints and fasteners. Overall this shelving unit may not be that big while also being pretty simple, yet the luxurious appeal of marble as its main material is definitely the show stopper. Furthermore the simplicity of its design really makes it perfect for any space especially minimalist modern space like so many living homes of today.

Thick To Thin Cut Of Grey Marble With Black Taper Of The Marble Shelf By Michael Young

Grey Marble Black Taper Of The Marble Shelf By Michael Young

Front View Of The Installed Marble Shelf By Michael Young On White Brick Wall

Wall Mounted Marble Shelving Unit By Michael Young

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