Modern Natural Bathroom Design

Modern Natural Bathroom Design Modern Bathroom Designs 2018

The bathroom design plays an important role in creating the balance of the entire home interior comfort. The modern concept is likely one of the most chosen bathroom concept tdue to its sleekness and simplicity. Designing a comfortable bathroom might depend on the each homeowner’s taste, but if you feel bored of the common modern concept look, why don’t try to integrate the natural feel in your modern bathroom?

When it comes to incorporating the concept of natural in a modern bathroom, you don’t to design things that are too complicated. Only by using natural materials such as natural stone, wood, bamboo, and so on as the bathroom materials, you’ll find your bathroom so naturally distinctive. This is important because these materials are able to create a natural atmosphere in the interior of your bathroom in an instant.

The use of natural materials is usually applied to some parts of the bathroom such as walls, furniture, and accessories. As for the choice of the floor itself, it will look perfect if you use granite tile enriched with the natural stones surrounding the bathroom. Through the use of granite tile, it reflects a perfect consolidation between modern and natural elements.

The presence of wood elements are also highly recommended to bring natural impression in your modern bathroom. Replace the porcelain bathroom vanities with the wooden one, along with the cabinets. Complement it with the wooden bathroom mirror frames.
As for the modern concept, you can choose a big white porcelain put right in the middle of the bathroom, together with the metallic faucet. Place a pair of potted plants in the corner of the bathroom, making the bathroom look more and more interesting and natural.

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