Dining Room

Clever Tricks in Setting Up Masculine Dining Area

It is true that interior decoration may not always be gender free since a dining room can actually be masculine. It really is as simple as choosing the main color scheme for the dining space, the overall décor can be masculine. It is not difficult at all to actually ...

3 months ago Gaby Auguste

Interior Design

An Abandoned Cement Factory Renovated to be a Modern Living House

Altering an old or abandoned building to be a completely different looking and functioning place is a kind of trend today. Surely it needs just enough amount of creative thinking and ideas to create a completely different thing without totally eliminate the original parts and features of the old ...

3 months ago Marie Coquelin


Trendy and Moody Kungsbacka Kitchen from IKEA

Many items of IKEA are known to be unique without compromising functional aspect at all. It is known that IKEA has all things needed by anyone for any space. Even those things related to kitchen space can be found within many products of IKEA. One of the things related ...

3 months ago Marie Coquelin


Masculine Kitchen Décor Tricks to Master

A completely masculine living space will need a masculine kitchen for sure. In order to go well with the rest of the space that has a kind of man cave vibe, the kitchen should be given special touches so that it looks just right. Dark and moody theme is ...

3 months ago Judith Baume


Beautiful Mix of Furniture Items in the Old Orchard House by Blaze Makoid Architecture

Mixing furniture items can be considerably important to create a nice appeal in any interior space. A modern family home named Old Orchard by Blaze Makoid Architecture is just one of many examples that display a stunning mix of well-chosen furniture items all over it. Basically this family home ...

3 months ago Dominique Asselineau

Living Room

Smart yet Easy Ideas to Maximize Masculine Living Room Décor

One of many ideas to be realized in decorating a living room is to create a rather manly one of the so-called masculine style. It is true that at the end it can even be considered to be a man cave décor style. That general idea of having a ...

3 months ago Guy Vigouroux

Interior Design

Beautiful Simplicity of Rose Uniacke’s House in London

A house filled with arts and antiques could be awesome especially for those antique and craft lovers. There is one of such house in London that belongs to Rose Uniacke. The fact that its owner is an antique dealer means that it is pretty reasonable for the house to ...

3 months ago Axel Monteil

Interior Design

Fun Looking Pendant Lamp in Colorful Finish from Innermost and Stone Designs

Many designers and manufacturers will always provide their latest unique things to offer. One latest product out of the join forces of Innermost and Stone Designs is in the form of fun looking and colorful pendant named Snowdrop. It is considered to be a fun takes on the idea ...

3 months ago Alix Bourcier


A Unique Coffee Table with Three Legs and Hidden Storage

Having a furniture item that offers more than one function is a good thing especially when dealing with a limited interior space. One typical example of furniture item that may have more than one service is a coffee table. Commonly there will be a storage space underneath the surface ...

3 months ago Alix Bourcier


Feminine and Girlish Bedroom Décor and Furniture Ideas to Follow

Altering a bedroom into a somewhat feminine and girlish could be a bit tricky for some people. It is not just picking the color scheme that is closely associated with that look but way more than that. It means that much stuff inside the bedroom should be chosen carefully ...

3 months ago Alain Coulomb