The Use of Floating Shelving Units in Different Interior Spaces

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There are some furniture items and interior space elements that can be placed in floating state. It means that the items can be mounted on the wall so that no floor space will be needed. This is commonly preferred by homeowners with tight space available in their homes. Aside of dealing with that practical aspect of maximizing the sue of tight space, floating items such as shelving units could really boost the look of any space in term of the décor. Hidden supporting brackets will make the shelves look even better especially in minimalist space. There are some places to add floating shelves in any home which will look nice and highly practical.

Kitchen is definitely a space which will make use of storage units such as floating shelves. Aside of that floor kitchen cabinet, floating cabinets and shelves are commonly added onto the walls of the kitchen to provide more storage area. When the kitchen is a small one it is recommended to go for floating shelves since it will still provide the needed storage area without blocking the view of the space like closed cabinets. Even the common wall kitchen cabinets can simply be skipped for this floating shelf option.

Another place in any home that will benefit from the use of floating shelves is definitely the bathroom. Bathroom is commonly a tight space that means wall mounted units of storage will be perfect. Furthermore the addition of floating shelves will highlight that simplicity within the bathroom décor. Well, a bathroom should never be too complicated and crowded for sure in term of its décor, right?

Living room is a place which will need lots of storage space. Thus the option of floating shelves can always be considered to be a great idea for any living room. As a matter of fact when the living room is done in simple and minimalist décor, the floating shelves can even be the rocking piece of the décor. Consider using eye-catchy material and finish for that purpose though. One last place will be the home office. Office supplies can often take lots of space in which floating shelves will be perfect since it will make it easier to find the supplies needed. The shelves are commonly placed on the wall in front of the desk so that the supplies can be placed there. Some accentuating decorative items can be displayed there as well to get the better appeal of the home office décor.

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