Things to Consider When Choosing Quartz Kitchen Countertops

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Several options can be considered when it comes to kitchen countertop material. One of them is definitely the one material known as quartz. In short this material is quite popular since it has fantastic appeal while quite affordable compared to marble. Some people even said that it may well be a bit similar to marble in term of its look. Yet the fact that it is actually a kind of engineered stuff means that there are things to take into consideration when opting for it. Right behind the beauty of its 95% natural quartz granules and 5% resins along with colorants there are good things and bad things of it to see through first.

In term of durability as a kitchen countertops material this one is considerably better than granite. It is not vulnerable to cracking and chipping due to falling objects hitting on its surface. Yet one thing to keep in mind is that this material is only scratch resistant. Furthermore it is not a good material s well when exposed to heat for long time. Thus it has to be taken care properly along the way of its use in a kitchen as countertops to ensure its maximum durability.

Another good thing of this material is that it is a non-porous one. It means that no fluids or liquids that will be absorbed by this material which will reduce the need of maintenance related to fluids and liquids exposure on its surface. There is no sealing needed as well compared to other stone countertop materials. Next thing about this material is that it offers a really decent appeal in many possible options to pick. Basically it is a naturally beautiful material which will only get better time after time. Wide range of colors offers many different choices to pick to match different décor styles of any kitchen.

Yet there is one bad thing about quartz to be considered before picking it up as the material of kitchen countertops. It tends to discolor over time especially with constant exposure towards direct sunlight. Surely there could be a window or any possible spots where sunlight could enter the kitchen and hit the countertops, right? The area that receives constant sunlight everyday will look differently after some time. So, it really is a good material to consider when setting up kitchen cabinets and kitchen island. Its good things defeat its bad thing without any question.

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