Wood Wrapped A-Frame House with Modern Style and Beautiful Views

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It is a nice thing to have a well-designed and well-decorated house with the bonus of beautiful views of the surrounding. A house located in Tyumen Oblast of Russia has 344 square meters area that has been completed by A61 Architects and YY Design back in 2016. It has two separated volumes that signify the private space and public area inside the house. The overall design of this house is greatly inspired by the surrounding area. It sits on a sloped site so that the house is partially built underground. The two different volumes of the house have different floor levels that house different type of rooms for different functions as well. With the purpose of maintaining a matching appeal with the surrounding, the exterior finish of the house is actually wood wrapped. That really is a clever idea of establishing a really strong connection with the surrounding landscape that is nothing but beautiful and adorable.

There is a specific volume called social volume that comes with a living room, a kitchen and a dining area. Overall it has a larger size compared to the private section of the interior. The social space has a fireplace with firewood storage nook along with some comfortable armchairs. This social space is basically the basement area with a staircase serves as the link between the different volumes of this house. There is one wood-paneled wall there to create a warm tone of the interior while the rest of the walls along with the ceiling are done in pure white. The transparency of glass staircase eliminates blocking of view inside the house which is perfect to maximize the space visually.

The sleeping areas along with the bathrooms are kept simple in warm and earthy tones. Lots of wood can be seen there with crisp contrasting backdrop of skylights and large windows within the space. Those elements are intended to help brighten up the space while also bringing the surrounding outdoor area into the interior space visually. There is a walk-in shower in glass cover in the corner that is just perfect. Overall that kind of decorating in minimalist style leads to a more practical and beautiful space. There are decks and open terraces as well that seamlessly connected to the interior space. This house is just another example that minimalism and simplify can be beautiful when done properly within any given space of interior.

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